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Memorial markers

The Sullivan County Humane Society has teamed up with Grandeur Products to provide memorial markers to help you celebrate the life of an animal that has touched you or a loved one.   

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Want to make even more of a difference? Sponsor multiple surgeries by setting up donations on a monthly recurring basis using the link below.

Sullivan County Humane Society Inc

Memorial Giving

Give in Memory of a lost pet

A donation to the Sullivan County Humane Society is a thoughtful way to honor someone who has recently lost their furry best friend.  A gift to the Humane Society will not only honor the memory of a beloved friend and pet, but also help save lives by helping to eliminate homeless pets.

Sponsor a spay

Save lives, donate to spay/Neuter

It's true that spay/neuter saves lives, by preventing unwanted litters of cats and dogs that enter our local shelters each day.  Help us be proactive in our fight against pet overpopulation in our community.  Sponsor a spay/neuter surgery today! 

All programs and services provided by the Sullivan County Humane Society are funded solely by private donations - we receive no monies from local, state, or federal taxes. That is why we need your help more than ever to help us in our mission to advance the humane treatment of animals in our community.

A gift of :

  • $30 will spay or neuter one dog through SNIP

  • $20 will spay or neuter one cat through SNIP

All donations are 100% tax deductible. 



Be a part of the solution - donate to SPAY/NEUTER