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Zoey came to the Kingsport Animal Shelter by way of the Sullivan County Animal Shelter. Her name was Jewel when I adopted her. I volunteer on Saturdays at PetSmart and decided to take her home to foster her for one week to see if she would make a good pet for my Mom and Dad (my Dad has wanted to get a little dog for a while now). She turned out to be very well behaved and very adaptable. She was already crate trained, leashed trained, and got along well with my two dogs. I kept her at my house for about two months, until I could deliver her to my parents in Rochester, New York. My Dad also, changed her name to Zoey, after we decided that we would keep her.

On April 30th, 2011 I loaded up Zoey and my two dogs and made the 700 mile trip to Rochester, New York to Zoey’s new home with my parents. She did great on the trip up and you didn’t even know she was in the car. As soon as I let her out of the car she went right over to my Dad and waited for him to pet her, I believe it was love at first site. They have been really enjoying having Zoey in their house, she has settled in just like she has lived her whole life there. My Mom and Dad both have told me that she has brightened up their days and keeps them laughing. Zoey has been a great addition to my parent’s life and I am sure will bring them many years of happiness.

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