Sullivan County Humane Society  
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About Us

Who We Are......

A non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization dedicated to advancing the humane treatment of animals, primarily companion pets, through adoption promotion, spay/neuter services and animal welfare education.

Quick Facts
  • Chartered March 17, 1965
  • Became 501(c)(3) tax exempt in March 1968

Statement of Purpose.....

1. Public/Private Partnership- We are committed to a mutually beneficial public/partnership with the City of Kingsport, Tennessee and to serving the citizens and animals of Kingsport, Tennessee and all of Sullivan County

2. Commitment to Care- We are committed to the humane and caring treatment of the animals in our county consistent with the overall mission as a humane society

3. Fiscal Responsibility- We will operate within our financial means and consistent with providing for the long term financial health and stability of the organization

4. Volunteerism- We welcome and recognize the need for an active and vibrant volunteer network to make the possible fulfillment of our Commitment to Care

5. Teamwork and Mutual Respect- We will operate the organization in a spirit of teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect in partnership with our board members and volunteers

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